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giovedì 6 settembre 2007

ROCCALUMERA (02/09/2007) he's celebrated the “Madonna of the Chain”

My country; (excluding the Fractions Sciglio and Allume), it counts three principal churches:
The church of the Madonna of the Carmelo, sets in the zone north, in the district "Botteghelle", the church of S. Antonio in Padova, (patron of the country), nearly sets in a central zone, and the church of the Madonna della Catena, sets to south, in the district "Ficara"; my district. Just of this last, and of the relative religious party, I want to speak to you. We could affirm that, for a long time, every year, the first Sunday of September, the statue of the Virgo Maria, (what during the year he’s set on the throne of the most greater altar), in procession is brought for the streets of the parish. He’s not exactly been always so, but, I will tell you some historical detail, and I will confine me to tell you the present.

To this party, (what today it not only attracts faithful from the province of Messina, but also from the "catanese"), the roccalumeresis, are viscerally tied since the distant 1893, when to the sculptor letojannese Francesco Lo Turco, was ordered to carve a statue of the Madonna, similar to that of Mongiuffi Melia, (small hilly country, where everything today, the same day, Maria is celebrated), in how much the believers of the slope jonico messineses fed great devotion for the Virgo revered with that title. Since then the cult from "Matri Catina" he’s grown during the decades. Last Sunday, in the homonym church that rises on the Street Umberto I, 6 masses you are been celebrated: at 6 o'clock, at 7 o'clock, at 8 o'clock, to the 9 and the 10. 30 during the forenoon. This last has been officiated by Mons. Giuseppe Scarcella. The sixth mass has been celebrated to the reentry of the procession. Last Domenica morning, as from custom of the party, from over twenty years, toward the 8:30, me same, together to a pair of boys, I have accompanied the traditional Musical Gang for the streets of the parish. This, has been a way to announce to the believers: today is the day that have devoted to the Madonna, wake up you in joy!

In the first afternoon, punctual, at 17:15 o'clock, the statue of the Madonna of the Chain, dressed again by a mantle of purple velvet dressed again of gold objects, and decorated with motley flowers, going out of the church, among the din of the crowd, of the party bells and of the strokes of the fires of artifice, brought to shoulder, (even though for a brief line), he embraced his touched people in party. In head the carriers of the standards, to follow the women that recited the Saint Rosary, after our Mayor and some aldermen, therefore the Priest, to his shoulders Maria's statue, and still... the Gang, followed by the long crowd of believers.

The Curiosity': The carriers, have let to an excellent artisan realize, a cart on a loom of motorcar... obviously furnished, of seat pilots and possible tired passenger; police squad, and... brake to hand. A car that serves, seen... the journey is long extremely... between the five and the six hours.

What to say of the "cries" of the "singers", during the whole journey? Among these songs: "e... cu chiù beni la voli chiù forti la ghiama"... "e... gghiamamula mi 'nnaiuta... evviva a Matri Catinaaa". Vibrating! What to add to such a particular event? Beh! after the recent twinship, that Roccalumera has stipulated with the Maltese country of Pembroke, we have had among us in procession, one fed representation of tourists, as well as theirs first citizen Joe Zammit. Exciting, he has been the triumphant reentry in the church of the it launches; among the applause of an enormous crowd, and... after the final mass, the to crowd some believers to the pedis of the statue, for "baciarici i pedi à Madonna", wishing itself, next year, to be able to return.

Giovanni BonarRIGO


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